Built By: Dvele - Designed by: Andres Duany of DPZ and No-Nonsense Housing Company

About The Mid-Century Modern Home


Working with his wife and design partner, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, renowned architect Andrés Duany’s design for Seaside, Fla.—a resort community developed in the late 1980s—became a symbol of New Urbanism and launched widespread advocacy for walkable neighborhoods. Today, the housing affordability challenge has focused Duany’s attention on small-scale housing, specifically high quality modular homes. He formed No Nonsense Housing Company to follow that path, with plans to build a factory to mass produce his designs. “Luxury homes are easy to do,” says the company’s project manager Fernando Pagés Ruiz. “We want to create appealing homes at lower costs.” At Show Village 2020, their collaboration will showcase two homes. The Mid-Century Modern Home consists of two structures totaling about 1,650 square feet, with a flat roof profile that accommodates 10-foot ceilings. Sustainable elements include enhanced insulation and energy-efficient mechanical systems and appliances. Plenty of natural light streams through five sliding glass doors and three differently sized window types; four metal T-rails set on a gravel bed provide the foundation. Only minimal site work is required, including the installation of an optional deployable awning.