The Designer:
Andres Duany FAIA, is a founding partner of DPZ. Together with his partner Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, they are recipients of the Dreihaus Prize, the Jefferson Medal and the Scully Prize. They have been granted four honorary doctorates, including those from the Universities of Pennsylvania and Hertfordshire.They are founders of the Congress of the New Urbanism and co-authors of several books, including the bestselling Suburban Nation.

The Firm
DPZ has designed some of the highest-value real estate, including many mixed-use and walkable new towns, such as Seaside, Hampstead, Rosemary, Alys and Kentlands. These have influenced the emergence of the New Urbanism as a strong development model, one that has since become integral to the mitigation of the climate emergency.

This Initiative.
The No-Nonsense Housing Company was created  as a subsidiary of DPZ CoDesign to engage one of the most persistent flaws of American Urbanism: the inability to deliver housing attainable by the Millennial generation in their early working years. Andres Duany, has been delegated by the new partnership to research for solutions. This is not to be the pursuit of conventional subsidized housing—of which DPZ has already substantial experience—but defined as housing designed to be affordable to build, while cool enough to be attractive to those well educated and employed but nevertheless in their way “homeless”. NNH designs, builds under local franchise, and market the new housing product.

The Product;
The process began by close reading and consultation on the applicable codes. There is the Residential Building Code (RBC) and NOAH for Tiny Houses and Park Models; the ANSI and HUD codes for Park Models; the HUD Code for Mobile Homes, and the RBC for Modular housing. Each of them offers breaks which allow the housing more affordable. These thresholds  have often been ignored by those many excellent designers which have attempted this endeavor. The NNH process optimizes the designs for each of the categories —radically reducing the number of models which must be in manufacture to meet a broad section of the market. Two of these—the largest and the smallest are on display as model units at the International Building Show in Las Vegas January 21-23.